An advocate for Sandpoint's quality of life

As Mayor, Kate McAlister will be a tireless advocate for a host of initiatives and community needs. Here are some of them.

Community Conversations

Listening to all sides. Initiating and engaging in the conversation to come up with solutions meeting the needs of the entire community.  Communication is “listening” AND “talking.”

Infrastructure improvements

Infrastructure is a priority for the City of Sandpoint and borrowing from my fellow councilors, our top infrastructure priorities include Drinkable Water, Flushable Toilets and Drivable Streets.

Sandpoint business owners

Continue supporting and promoting local business

Educational choices with better funding

This is the foundation for our future and generations to come. Supporting our teachers and education in general is the key to growing our economy and qualifying our workforce for better-paying jobs.

Affordable (for all!) housing options

Creating solutions for those trying to enter the homeowner market to purchase or rent a home. This issue is about coming together, public and private, and creating solutions based on broad in put from all concerned.


Based on common-sense solutions, not partisan or ideological convictions, to bring balance to our political process. A leader takes in all information, and makes the best decision affecting those they represent. An effective leader knows it’s not about sides, it’s about representing even those who disagree with us. A leader always does the right thing for the right reasons. You can’t go further than the truth.

Two more initiatives Kate holds dear and wll strive to implement include a Youth Advisory Council and a Citizen’s Academy. We’ll be telling more about those in the future.